Surround yourself with people who have a passion for healing.

At ZaZen, our goal is to provide a beautiful space where you can come to take care of You!  We want to help you attain your best health possible. To be healthy and happy, and to experience the necessity, along with the  benefits, of taking time for yourself. Our services will assist you to unwind, relax, and to be present, even after you leave. 

We offer a unique experience - come for a massage, stay for a wellness class, and return for our intimate, private or small group yoga and Pilates offerings. All services are tailored to our clients' capabilities and needs.

What We Offer


We offer Thai, as well as Deep Tissue and personally designed Massages. Not sure what a Thai massage or deep tissue massage entails? 

Yoga & Pilates

Choose to live a healthy and fulfilling life with our small group and private Yoga and Pilates classes! Our full schedule will help you achieve your best body.

Workshops & Classes

We are focused on sharing our knowledge and expertise of Wellness and the Healing Arts. Would you like to learn more about peace of body practices?

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